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→  Benjamin ‘Ben’ Sinclaire   •  25/612   •  Vampire   •  FC: Alexander Skarsgard


Originating from Belguim, witty and sardonic Ben was turned in 1400 by his then other significant, Rebekah Mikaelson. They were together for a long while when he was human then they both decided it was time she turned him so they could be together forever. Things abruptly changed when Klaus decided him and Rebekah needed to move on, knowing Mikael was getting close to them yet again. Despite the way Rebekah and Klaus lived, he has never liked killing humans. Instead, he feeds from them, compels them to forget and moves on to his next place of interest.

Ben has come to Mystic Falls in search of the one and only heart breaker, Katherine. He, like many others, made the mistake of falling in love with her many years ago. Just like the others, she broke his heart but despite that, he still cares for her and thinks he always will. Will she even give him a second glance when she finds out he is here for her? Will things heat back up between him and his maker, Rebekah? Or will he fall for someone new?

Alexa, Ben’s younger sister, has finally found him after searching for him for six hundred years. How will he feel when he finds out she has been alive all this time? Will he want revenge on Klaus for turning his baby sister into a vampire?

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